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CONNECT™ Health Management System

Build the Foundation

Health-Promotions-Associates-3D-Book-300HThe CONNECT™ Health Management System offers a way for individuals to foster their own health by shaping the conditions that build a foundation for long-term success. CONNECT™ provides a comprehensive plan that delivers specific guidance for self-management that influences decision-making abilities at every level of health. This innovative approach works toward bridging the gap between our current medical management system and improved collaboration by using an organizing, guiding, and planning approach that directs individuals to be more accountable with their own health care. This is accomplished by accessing and organizing personal health information; using that information as a reference to guide problem solving and decision- making; and plan a health program based on the information gathered in this publication.

Using a health information system provides many benefits to the consumer, particularly the ability to orchestrate care. It encourages consumers to collect and share the same health information with all of their providers allowing for more appropriate treatment options. Using a health information system creates a full view of the consumer’s health, which is critical in an emergency.

CONNECT™ addresses the challenges of communicating with health professionals, engaging in decisions, and changing behaviors to prevent disease or manage a chronic condition. CONNECT™ offers an approach that provides actionable results through a combination of assessments, data collecting, skill building, and planning.

The CONNECT™ Health Management System:

  • Organizes personal and medical information in one place
  • Provides a complete medical profile that identifies potential health risks and current health issues
  • Manages current health conditions, treatments, and medications
  • Organizes medical appointments and all pertinent medically related contact information
  • Gathers medically related legal documents
  • Provides immunization information by age groups
  • Provides whole body assessments and lifestyle assessments for early detection of illness and disease
  • Provides tools to identify and manage discomfort and pain, and identifies how food, exercise, and stress influence pain
  • Plans the medical office visit
  • Guides and logs questions, symptoms, and changes in health status for more effective communication
  • Prioritizes symptoms and questions for better exchange of medical information with a healthcare provider during an office visit
  • Includes resources with a list of the necessary information to take to an office visit
  • Offers and manages follow-up instructions given by a health care provider
  • Tracks and logs clinical laboratory values and diagnostic testing for progressive reviews
  • Identifies lifestyle patterns, habits, and behaviors that contribute to the current health issues
  • Identifies obstacles that potentially prevent individuals from making informed, healthy choices
  • Identifies and organizes a support team for making change
  • Provides resources for personal education and support
  • Provides guidelines for successful change with individual goal setting and action plans to create and sustain new positive lifestyle habits
  • Provides tools for measuring progress related to eating, exercise, and stress management
  • Provides the opportunity to understand the link between lifestyle choices and health outcomes by continually measuring medical progress (within this book) while making lifestyle changes


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The CONNECT™ Health Management System incorporates an interactive, facilitative process called the CONNECT™ Method that engages individuals into a daily practice of self-management. The CONNECT™ Method is a seven- step process that identifies challenging behaviors that keep people from reaching individual goals, and offers practical recommendations to manage the challenges of behavior change needed to improve overall personal health.

  • CREATE a plan of the healthy changes you want to make.
  • ORGANIZE information and identify obstacles that affect your habits.
  • NAVIGATE through situations with goals to help you succeed in health and life.
  • NAME critical success factors that will provide you with support to achieve your goals.
  • ESTABLISH effective communication and execution of a plan.
  • COMMIT to measuring your progress using the CONNECT™ Health Management System.
  • TRANSFORM your life to healthy living.