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Build the Foundation of Health with CONNECT

“Awareness is the ability to observe how you create something

…as you do it…

Seeing the consequences as they happen.”

 From the Book-The New Science of Super-Awareness by Bill Harris


One of our biggest challenges today is maintaining healthy habits. Many of us know what we should be doing. But just knowing what we are doing and what we want to change is not enough. Developing strong health habits begins with awareness.

Awareness is the foundation from which change happens. According to Bill Harris, “awareness creates choice.” With awareness, we see options we weren’t aware of because we understand the impulses or thoughts that generate certain behaviors.

CONNECT™ is a holistic philosophy created to build a solid foundation of awareness. Many of the choices we make are made unconsciously. Our habits are on auto pilot.  CONNECT™ bridges the gap between unconscious choices, to conscious choice.

In the area of brain science, “awareness is created in the brain, in the prefrontal cortex. The prefrontal cortex is the seat of executive control or self-regulation, the part of the brain responsible for planning, self-control and will power, complex cognitive behaviors, decision making and social behavior.” (The New Science of Super Awareness by Bill Harris)

The CONNECT™ process raises your awareness of the tendency to make impulsive decisions and choices. It raises awareness about the value you assign to the choices you make; the benefits, advantages, and consequences you recognize about these choices; how you behave in relation to how you feel. This new awareness will lead you to a sense of control that you feel both physically and emotionally over a situation, while acquiring strategies to help you make conscious choices to reach your goals.

Judy Rienzi is the owner of Health Promotion Associates and the author of the CONNECT Health Management System.


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