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Harnessing Data to Improve Health

Family- centered care, patient-centered care, and engagement, are the “buzz” words in health care today. What this means is there is a coordinated effort by hospitals and public health officials to use electronic medical records and give individuals’ access to their records in order for them to manage their own care. Studies show that engaged individuals have lower healthcare costs, less medication mistakes, and better health outcomes. Individuals, who are engaged in their healthcare, collaborate with their health provider in decision regarding their care and treatment options. Communication and time constraints often hinder the concept of engagement. Many are intimidated by their health provider, lack the skills necessary to communicate effectively, and with only a15- minute office visit, usually can’t get all their needs met. Using personal health data and a health management tool could bridge that gap in communication. Using the Right Tool Today, there are new apps and electronic devices being developed every day to track your health. Their use, however, is limited. While technology is great, it comes with its’ own challenges. Most technology is information based only and does not provide for education or individualization. It cannot assess, evaluate, or build on acquired knowledge. It also [...]

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Self-Leadership: The Foundation to Health

When you see the word “leadership” what comes to mind? Your answer, most likely, is not related to health. However all our thoughts and actions result from our own self-leadership. Let’s examine what this really means. The concept of self-leadership simply put, means influencing one’s self. The primary focus of self-leadership is that our behaviors and thoughts affect our personal effectiveness in achieving success in all areas of life (physical, emotional, social, career, family, creativity, financial). We lead ourselves through action and behavior change in order to get the results we desire. Holding ourselves accountable is also important throughout the process. The practice of self-leadership described above, is an integrative framework between the mind and the body. It encompasses our attitudes, values, and beliefs, the world we live in, our needs and desires, and the choices we make. Understanding how these factors influence the way we live our life and how they affect our health, is the first step in becoming an effective self-leader. Putting self-leadership into practice requires several behavioral techniques such as self-observation, goal setting, self-management, mental imagery, self-talk, and self-esteem, to name a few. Using these strategies can make an immediate difference in our health, our career, [...]

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