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The “Bodymind” Connection

“In the end, I find I can’t separate brain from body. Consciousness isn’t just in the head. Nor is it a question of mind over body. If one takes into account the DNA directing the dance of the peptides, the body is the outward manifestation of the mind. The new science of psycho-neuro-immunology is redefining the connection between mind and body. We can no longer speak of body and mind as separate systems or entities. Bodymind – one word, no hyphen.”                                                    Candice Pert, author of “Molecules of Emotion” In recent years, there has been tremendous growth in the field of mind/body medicine. However the mind/body connection did not come into view until the 1800’s. Prior to that time, the mind and body were thought of as two separate parts. One pioneer in this field was Hans Selye, the father of stress research. In the twentieth century, he developed the concept of stress and the physiological response to stress by the body. He concluded that the body has the same response to many different types of stressors, and that stress can make you ill. Since Selye’s work, others have studied the impact of stress on the body such as George Solomon at [...]

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Build the Foundation of Health with CONNECT

“Awareness is the ability to observe how you create something …as you do it… Seeing the consequences as they happen.”  From the Book-The New Science of Super-Awareness by Bill Harris   One of our biggest challenges today is maintaining healthy habits. Many of us know what we should be doing. But just knowing what we are doing and what we want to change is not enough. Developing strong health habits begins with awareness. Awareness is the foundation from which change happens. According to Bill Harris, “awareness creates choice.” With awareness, we see options we weren’t aware of because we understand the impulses or thoughts that generate certain behaviors. CONNECT™ is a holistic philosophy created to build a solid foundation of awareness. Many of the choices we make are made unconsciously. Our habits are on auto pilot.  CONNECT™ bridges the gap between unconscious choices, to conscious choice. In the area of brain science, “awareness is created in the brain, in the prefrontal cortex. The prefrontal cortex is the seat of executive control or self-regulation, the part of the brain responsible for planning, self-control and will power, complex cognitive behaviors, decision making and social behavior.” (The New Science of Super Awareness by [...]

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Book Review: Year Round Indoor Salad Gardening

 My latest obsession is growing sprouts, shoots, and microgreens.  I happened to be in the health food store one day and noticed a box of broccoli sprouts. They did not look like the same sprouts I was buying in the grocery store. These had a lot more little green leaves on top and tasted great. This caught my attention. So, after some research, I was compelled to buy Peter Burke’s book Year Round Indoor Salad Gardening,  following his technique to the letter with great success. A whole new world opened up to me. I’ve learned about so many varieties of plants that can be grown into shoots and soil sprouted greens which have become my favorites. Right now I am growing buckwheat, arugula, and red Russian kale soil sprouts and broccoli sprouts which are a staple in my home due to their powerful health benefits. There is a lot of confusion about the terminology of different immature greens, which I’m still trying to wrap my head around. Soil-sprouts and microgreens, I am learning, are not the same thing and the author makes a distinction between all the greens. “Sprouts, bean sprouts, shoots, microgreens, baby greens, and soil sprouts are all [...]

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Creating Empowering Daily Rituals

“Through the ancient teachings of yoga, we know that our thoughts lead to actions; our actions become habits; our habits form our character; and our character determines our destiny. Daily ritual is the act of taking positive thoughts and putting them into action.”   Transform Your Life With the Power of Ritual   By Bhava Ram ( Our hectic lifestyles often leave us stuck in a cycle of stress and overwhelm. We perform daily tasks mindlessly as we let life just happen around us. It becomes difficult to make any life changes because we are physically and emotionally disconnected from our true self. As a result, we can no longer tap into our innate ability for personal growth and healing. Rituals are a vibrational expression that activate our inner power. We create them in order to shift our energy towards a greater connectedness to ourselves. They are a set of specific actions performed daily that have strong personal meaning for us. What separates rituals from habits is intention. We become consciously aware of each action we take and what meaning it has for us. Habits are usually performed unconsciously but are just as important because they provide safety and structure to our [...]

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The True Essence of Holism

Holism is from the Greek word holos, which means "all, whole, entire. Holism is a philosophy of life that relates to viewing the body and its properties as a whole system and not the sum of its parts. If you remember, the life wheel includes the physical, emotional, social, career, creativity, and family aspects of our life. These are the different properties of a whole person. The term holistic health and holistic medicine are often used interchangeably to describe a system of care that integrates all these properties and does not focus solely on the part of the body that is not well. However , his is often not the case. The phrase holistic health is often misused. Many believe that if we use a complementary modality or an unconventional approach to an illness, we are being holistic. But we are still focusing on a single problem and not the whole person. Holistic health is not the type of modality, but rather the approach. In his article Holistic Health and Medicine in the 1980's, David Teegarden, MD wrote "In aiming to foster the natural healing process, holistic does not espouse to foster one method over another, but rather encompasses all safe methods of diagnosis and treatment-including medication [...]

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Free Medication Manager

At home medication errors have endangered the lives of thousands of people each year resulting in ER visits, hospitalizations, and even death. For a variety of reasons, people forget or misuse their medications. It is important that you become good self managers of your total health care. We want to provide you with the rights tool and resources that will help you better understand what your health care needs and how to take care of them. Taking medication properly can make a significant difference in your health outcome, and the quality of your life. This is very important to us and therefore Health Promotion Associates is providing you with a free medication manager. Go to and sign up to receive your free medication manager.

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