CREATE a Plan of the Healthy Changes
You Want to Make.

Health Promotion Associates, LLC, works for improving health outcomes through self-management interventions. We provide information, tools, and strategies for healthcare providers, organizations, communities, and professionals that will help their clients become better managers of their personal health information and of their health care. Our newest program, the CONNECT™ Health Management System, integrates a facilitative process that encourages patient engagement through self- monitoring, collaborating, and decision-making.

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CREATE a Plan of the Healthy Changes
You Want to Make.
  • Gather the information in this book.
  • Identify health issues
  • Decide what habits need to change
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ORGANIZE Information and Identify Obstacles That Affect Your Habits.
  • Identify situations that limit you from making healthy choices.
  • Identify limiting ideas that keep from improving your health.
  • Identify habits and excuses that prevent you from making healthy choices.
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NAME Critical Success Factors That Will Provide You with Support to Achieve Your Goals.
  • Research resources, approaches, and tools that affect health and success.
  • Identify professionals to help such as a dietitians, therapists, coaches, and trainers.
  • Evaluate alternative and traditional modalities that promote healthy living.
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ESTABLISH Effective Communication and Execution of a Plan.
  • Develop actions for each goal you have written.
  • Identify target dates for each action to be accomplished.
  • Check in on accountability in goals, dates, and actions.
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COMMIT to Measuring Your Progress Using the CONNECT™ Health Management System.
  • Return to the “Track Your Numbers” section of this guide and see your numbers change as your health improves.
  • Continually write new goals to stay on course.
  • Keep track of your progress with logs, diaries, and benchmarks.
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TRANSFORM Your Life to Healthy Living.
  • Reflect on your progress and accomplishments.
  • Revise your plan for health and life.
  • Re-CONNECT with your new state of health and life through planning, goal-setting, and focused action.
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